• The November issue was outstanding, the magazine has always been great but now is at a new level the artwork “pops” and as usual the articles are outstanding! Keep it up!

    Terry Work
  • The 40th Anniversary issue (Oct. 2022) was a memorable “step back in time”! Ah, the good old days. And they WERE good. I bought 4 of the books; 1 for myself and 3 of which were gifts to others. Thanks!!

    Ed Frank
  • Really great issue. The Mary McGee article was a nice piece for a genuinely nice person. If you ever get a chance to meet her, don’t pass it up. She i9s a real hoot.
    The E.G.Baker retro article was also good. It’s good to remember our past pioneers and their accomplishments to keep our sport alive.

    Mark Ruhm
  • your magazine is amazing to say the least. every month I find myself feeling like a kid in a candy store waiting for the next issue to arrive.

    jerry nocciolo jr
  • absolutely live your magazine and the photos.

    jerry nocciolo jr

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