The Lady in White - Book 5
The Lady in White - Book 5
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The Lady in White - Book 5

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“She claims that restless bride wandering the desert is the sister of her great grandma five times over.”

A fun camping trip, with lots of dirt bike riding, takes a strange turn when Jeremiah and Samuel meet a mysterious young waitress who says she is connected to the desert legend. And was that just an apparition they saw their first night while drifting off to sleep? A clue in the nearby brush deepens the mystery.

Meanwhile, an eerie screeching sound woke many of the passengers in the rail car heading north. Screams sounded throughout the car as Millie and Paisley were thrust into an adventure that went far beyond just touring a gold mining town.

How does the angry ex-convict pursuing them connect with their search for the heirs of the long-dead gold miner? Back home in the desert the boys have their own pursuers to avoid as they discover mysteries abound even when Millie isn’t with them.

This faith-based mystery for ages 9-90 will have you on the edge of your seat with cliffhangers at the end of every chapter. If you love reading kids Christian fiction mystery and suspense stories, then you’ll love reading The Lady in White complete with plenty of off road adventure.

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Book 5 The Lady in White

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As a retired middle school English teacher, this book is a must have for a classroom library. Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger encouraging the reader to continue the journey. Mystery and suspense, off road adventures and legend, make this a great read for even the reluctant reader. After reading this book, I went back and purchased copies for all of the kids in my family! - Reader of The Skeleton and the Lantern

Sherri Kukla has knocked it out of the park with her newest book Phantom Ship in the Desert! Once again the reader is engaged from page one to the end of the tale. The various story lines are woven together skillfully and satisfactorily with a few surprises included. It is a desert experience well worth the trip. A good read for reluctant readers and fun for those in isolation. For those who have suffered difficult life experiences, Sherri offers compassion and hope. - Reader of Phantom Ship in the Desert

This story is wonderful for young readers as it is filled with mystery and excitement but also weaves a lovely thread touching on faith, family values and kindness towards one another. The author's familiarity with the desert environment and off road exploration brings the landscape to life. I could imagine the desert at night and almost hear the gravel beneath the tires of these off road vehicles as they investigate a true mystery, I recommend this book to everyone. - Reader of Ghost Lights of Dry Brook 

This book was amazing. I am fourteen and I loved it! Once I started I couldn't put it down. This book is full of suspense and you are always on the edge of your seat just waiting to find out what happens next. I loved how it included faith in the story and how that helped Millie and Jeremiah get through it. This book was wonderfully written by Mrs. Kukla and I cannot wait for the next book. - Reader of Ghost Lights of Dry Brook